The mission of FUTURE GENERATION is

to enhance the education of children by providing resources and support, especially for those children challenged by difficult situations.
An example is providing some financial support to parents whose children need to learn a second language to enhance their present social needs and future business and educational development.

Our focus is on language courses for children who struggle with Czech and Slovak and teaching foreign languages.
Specifically we can support language courses in schools and language camps, especially for Roma children up to the age of 15 who struggle with the Czech or Slovak languages in their countries and are eager to learn and develop.
This enhancement and self development benefits our entire society--it forms our soul, we view the world in an expanded and more sophisticated way.
Some say the more languages you know, the more individuals you are.

Thank you for every contribution, large and small

TRANSPARENT account number:
IBAN : CZ2101000000000000558899

Thank you for every contribution, large and small - and this can be tax deductible.

In order for the respective financial institution to approve the contribution, it is important to submit correct and complete information (first and last name, date of birth, permanent residence address). In case of companies, the name, address, and ICO – tax number). Tax free contributions are recognized when the donation is at least 2% of the tax basis or it is at the minimum 1000 Czech Crowns. In the total deduction, the maximum allowed is 15%. It means, in practical terms, if you donate 1000, or more, Czech Crowns you do not have to document whether it is 2%. You only need to prove that the gift is not above 15% of the tax basis. In some cases, it is not necessary to involve tax returns. When your tax returns are managed by your accountant, then the donation documents can be included with all the other finance reports necessary for tax purposes whether it is in the Czech Republic or in your respective country.

Every decision to learn a foreign language

is at the same time a decision
to work hard on yourself.

Individuals who wish to ask for financial support from the Educational foundation future Generation can apply for a grant to the administrative board. Include reasons why a child want to study foreign languages and describe their motivations or wishes.
Please scan or photograph the completed request form and mail it to our email address: If you do not receive a confirmation that your request was delivered, please contact us by phone.


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for gifted children

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